Rules of the HCU Beach Volleyball Tournament

In order to guarantee a fair game and as much fun as possible, we have created a small set of rules, which deviates in some aspects from the conventional beach volleyball rules to make the game a little easier and more beginner-friendly.


Respectful interaction with each other is important to us, the fun is in the foreground

The teams consist of a maximum of 6 people, of which 4 people per team are on the pitch.

A game goes up to 11 points, and must be won by at least 2 points difference

Maximum 3 ball contacts per side

One time-out per game (1 – 2 min.) is allowed. The captain must announce it

Only the captain may lodge a complaint with the referee

If both teams disagree about an infringement, there is a replay


All body parts are allowed

Ball is out when it no longer touches the line

Leading the ball is forbidden

Maximum of two substitutions per match per team; possibly after each completed move (in case of injuries, further substitutions are possible)


Alternating, the teams have two serves each

The team rotates clockwise when it receives the serve

Crossing into the field of play is an error

If the ball rolls into the net, play continues

In case of an incorrect entry, a second attempt is allowed


The net must not be touched

Encroachments at the block are allowed